Need to upgrade due space getting too small? Kitchen not looking so good the bathroom outdated?

Have you been thinking of upgrading your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you have been wanting a fresh new design done to your whole house? Do you have a specific layout in mind or would you like someone to provide some professional advice and walk you step by step?

Here at A Star Construction, we deliver nothing but the best advice and offer hands on attention to detail. Remodeling any home is a big deal and not something to take lightly, so we make it our goal to do all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy watching your idea of innovation come to life. Whether you have been itching for something new or just needing to renovate a kitchen or bathroom, A Star Construction will make sure to get the job done.

Some people ask, “What is the point of remodeling”? There are plenty of reasons why! Some want to add value to their home, and others simply feel that remodeling transforms! Not only will this change the layout of your home but your state of mind. New rooms offer newer vibes and sometimes, all it takes to add life into a room is an improved design that gives you a fresh feel every time you walk in. Out with the old and in with the new!

Upgrading and remodeling can take a lot of work. You must have the proper planning and execution or you might not ever get it done the way that it is planned. Our company deals with projects on the daily and can understand that multiple factors such as; cost overruns, schedule delays and dealing with numerous contractors can cause extra and unnecessary stress to your daily lifestyle. If you do this on your own, these kind of stresses can take away from the enjoyable remodeling experience that this truly can become. We make sure that we make this transformative experience, a memorable one, rather than this being a stressful chore by taking on all of these elements by yourself. We take care of these issues by simply implementing them to our clever design system throwing these types of problems out the window.

At A-Star Construction, we make it our number one priority to avoid troublesome issues for you and we do so through our exclusive remodeling process. The ASTAR DESIGN System is an innovative system that is truly a cutting-edge computerized software that illustrates exactly how your project can develop into your desired reality. From there, the computerized design of the remodeling process highlights and emphasizes on organization and time needed to manage this project into the right direction: On time, on target and on budget!


Providing a comprehensive analysis. Our planning process starts from a complimentary in house inspections and consultations.

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A comprehensive design program and creative workflow is what sets us aside from our competitors. 1. Clarify 2. Answer 3. Show

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Meet Your Expectations Our experience, expertise, and professionalism will show you how we can timely finish the project.

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